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    Tracy Crosswhite has returned to her hometown of Cedar Grove, a place that holds painful memories for her The last time she returned was to see her sister, Sarah s killer put behind bars Now she has returned with her husband Dan and their daughter, Daniella Dan is an attorney who is representing a local business merchant who is in jeopardy of going out of business due to the town s revitalization.Tracy has a chance meeting with an old friend former police chief, Sam Calloway , and is drawn into the current investigation s of the deaths of a journalist and a former lawyer P.I who were both killed while investigating a cold case of a young woman who was murdered in 1993 As Tracy begins to investigate it becomes clear that she is making the murderer nervous and may be getting closer to solving the case than she thought.This being the seventh book in the series, may work as a stand alone, but I do highly recommend reading the previous books in the series, to better understand all the characters and their motivations In this book we get to see another side of Tracy she is a Mother now and we see her tender, loving and worried side coming out than before We also see her thinking about her sister and father while navigating life in her former hometown The reader is shown Tracy and Dan as parents and their disagreement about Tracy taking on a potentially dangerous case while having an infant at home The plot was interesting, and I enjoyed how everything came together Dugoni never pulls anything out of left field There is never any shocking or jarring reveal at the end You know the ones where the murderer is your brother s cousin s sister s attorney s daughter s friend from out of town twice removed who was never mentioned once in the book yet pops up in the last three pages to be the killer who has been plotting revenge for 30 years because the victim once ran over his her toe with their tricycle when they were four I know that doesn t make sense but I m not a fan of the whiplash reveals that are only put in for shock value When the reveal does come in this book, it does make sense and seems plausible The reveal is well thought out and crafted Everything falls into place and nothing in this book felt rushed Well thought out, riveting and compelling I always get excited when I see there is another installment in this series I look forward to the next one, and the one after that and so on and so on.You get the idea I m a fan Thank you to Thomas and Mercer and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    This is the seventh and latest addition to Robert Dugoni s brilliant Seattle based series featuring homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite The winds of change bring us Tracy on maternity leave, she and her lawyer husband, Dan, are delighted at being parents to two month old baby Daniella However, their Seattle home is struggling to contain them, triggering a temporary move back to Cedar Grove a place that holds painful memories and trauma for Tracy It was here that she was instrumental in putting her sister Sarah s murderer in prison The weather is atrocious with bitterly cold winds and snow, and it soon becomes apparent that Dan and Tracy need in their lives that just being parents.Dan takes on a local business client concerned about losing his business Tracy gets drawn into a murder investigation by old friend, Ray Calloway, out of retirement and covering for the police chief on leave after his journalist wife dies in a house fire It transpires that the journalist had been looking into a cold case from the 1990s and Calloway wants Tracy to investigate Tracy and Dan s cases turn out to have connections We see a significantly emotionally vulnerable Tracy plagued by her fears and concerns about motherhood, and still haunted by her tragic family history and becoming aware of the problems and guilt associated with being a working mother This is a suitably twisted story of past conspiracies, murders and dangers that sweep dangerously close to the doorstep of Tracy s family.Dugoni gives us a great, well plotted crime read that continues in the tradition of this much loved series What makes this series so good has always been the wonderful characters and their continuing development This is an atmospheric, tense and engaging read, one in which the dynamics have shifted, unsurprising as a baby enters Tracy and Dan s life and the inevitable changes that ensue Many thanks to Thomas and Mercer for an ARC.

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    Tracy Crosswhite is back the first thing you ll notice is her gun handcuffs have been replaced with a bottle diapers Baby Daniella has arrived She Dan are ecstatic but their little house in Seattle is bursting at the seams so the whole family moves back to Cedar Grove while it undergoes renovation.Dan picks up a case representing a local merchant For some reason the city has been buying up properties on the main drag but his client has no desire to sell As far as Dan is concerned, there s something sketchy about the whole thing begins to dig.Tracy is on mat leave adjusting to being a stay at home mom She runs into her old friend Roy Calloway is surprised to learn he s come out of retirement to fill in as chief of police The current chief is on leave after his wife died in a house fire Roy has a proposition for her It seems the chief s wife was a journalist who was looking into a local murder from 1993 when she died The case was related to the death of Tracy s sister With questions swirling about the original investigation the woman s subsequent death, Roy needs a fresh set of eyes on the whole mess Would Tracy like a part time job Why, yes.yes she would Dan s case becomes increasingly complex as Tracy unearths old secrets, it s clear some people would rather she let sleeping dogs lie She Dan grew up here as things heat up, she s very aware that her search for a killer may lead to someone she knows.This instalment focuses just as much on Tracy s personal life as the investigative side of the story She comes across as fragile in this one A combination of postpartum hormones, doubts about motherhood reminders of her sister have her emotionally on edge Dan s not happy she s back in business Tracy has to wonder if she can really have it all It s the guilt every working mother deals with Thankfully, her colleague Faz shows up to lend a hand boost her spirits There are plenty of red herrings surprising connections along the way to keep you guessing It s a solid read but I must confess I preferred the investigative side of the plot Having Faz pop by provides some added humour but I missed Kins the Seattle PD What hasn t changed is this author s ability to deliver a story full of vibrant characters in an atmospheric setting A slower middle section gives you time to rest up before a cracker of a finish Big fans of the series will find much to enjoy here.3.5 stars

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    3.5 starsIn this 7th book in the Tracy Crosswhite series, the homicide detective investigates three cases The book can be read as a standalone, but familiarity with earlier books is beneficial At the core of the story are three unsolved deaths, all of which occurred in Cedar Grove, Washington Heather Johansen an eighteen year old girl who worked for the then mayor was killed in 1993 Jason Matthews a retired criminal defense lawyer hired to look into Heather s death was killed in 2013 and Kimberley Armstrong a journalist writing a book about Heather s murder recently died in a house fire Cedar Grove s Chief of Police, Finlay Armstrong, has connections to all of the above Finlay was Heather Johansen s stalkerish ex boyfriend 26 years ago was acquainted with Jason Matthews and was Kimberly Armstrong s husband Since Finlay can t investigate his wife s death AND is a person of interest he s on mandatory leave Former Police Chief Roy Calloway, who has always been a formidable figure in Cedar Grove, is now Acting Chief, and is investigating Kimberley s demise.It so happens that Seattle Homicide Detective Tracy Crosswhite and her attorney husband Dan new parents to two month old Daniella are staying in Cedar Grove while their Seattle house is being renovated.Both Tracy and Dan grew up in Cedar Grove, and they re staying in Dan s family home with their baby, their two Rhodesian mastiffs Sherlock and Rex, and their nanny Therese who was hired to help with Daniella Acting Chief Calloway, an old friend of Tracy s family, asks the detective who s on maternity leave to help investigate Kimberley s homicide AND the cold cases Calloway believes all three murders are related, and may have been perpetrated by the same person Tracy agrees, to the dismay of Dan who was hoping his wife would stay home with baby Daniella.Tracy proceeds to re examine all the murder scenes, and to re interview people who knew the victims It soon becomes clear that someone doesn t want Tracy to investigate, and will take drastic measures to stop her.In the meantime, attorney Dan accepts a local client named Larry Kaufman Larry, who owns the only open business on Market Street, is being pressured to sell The city wants to rejuvenate the run down area, and has bought almost all the old stores and sold them to developers.Now the city s lawyers are trying to use some murky statutes to acquire Larry s establishment, and Larry is fighting them Since Dan is in town, Larry hires the lawyer to help him When Dan looks into the matter, he learns that things going on under the table could generate a lot of money for Market Street entrepreneurs Two favorite recurring characters in the series, Seattle Detective Vic Fazzio Faz and his wife Vera, drive to Cedar Grove to help Tracy Faz assists with the homicide investigations, Vera helps with the baby, and both Fazzios prepare meals It turns out that Tracy s investigation and Dan s legal case have connections, and uncovering them helps resolve all the mysteries in Cedar Grove.I enjoyed this intriguing story and recommend it to readers who enjoy suspense novels, especially Tracy Crosswhite fans.Thanks to Netgalley, the author Robert Dugoni , and the publisher Thomas Mercer for a copy of the book You can follow my reviews at

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    I enjoyed this book and its fast paced action Although I have not read the previous stories in this series, I found the book to be easily read and one in which I am encouraged to go back and read the books that preceded it I do like a strong female protagonist, and in Tracy Crosswhite I have found exactly the spunk, tenacity, and common sense approach to solving a crime that is often missing in so many other mysteries and police procedurals..I definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy a book that makes sense, follows a line of reasoning that flows, and one in which we are rooting for the protagonist to solve the crime and save the day Thank you to Robert Dugoni for writing an intelligent story, to Thomas and Mercer, and NetGalley for an advanced copy to this solid series book due out in February 2020.

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    Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC of the 7th installment of the Tracey Crosswhite series.This was a new author and series for me, although I didn t feel that I was too disadvantaged, by not having read the first 6 books.Detective Tracey Crosswhite returns to Cedar Grove with her husband Dan and new daughter, Daniella While on maternity leave, she is asked to investigate two fatal events During her investigations, she uncovers a few discrepancies in the cause of death rulings for three people two of whom are decades old The web of murders and conspiracies are quite complex, and you will need to pay attention to follow along It is all revealed in a thrilling climax.

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    You can take the girl out of the cop station, but you can t take the cop out of the girl In Robert Dugoni s A COLD TRAIL , Tracy Crosswhite is back in her hometown of Cedar Grove, where she and husband Dan O Leary and two month old daughter Daniella are staying in Dan s childhood home while their home is being renovated to make room for their family Tracy is still on maternity leave, and she is learning the joys and concerns of motherhood When the former police chief Roy Calloway calls her to discuss a case, Tracy s detective juices start flowing The wife of the current chief has died in a fire, and the chief, Finlay Armstrong, is on leave, so Calloway is acting chief Not only is there a mystery surrounding Kimberly Armstrong s death, but there is also the unsolved murder of a high school girl back in 1993, not long before Tracy s sister Sarah went missing Back then, Finlay was considered a suspect in Heather Johansen s murder now, with the murder of his wife, fingers are pointing at him again Despite Dan s concerns for Tracy s safety and well being, Tracy agrees to investigate Cedar Grove is a small town, and tongues start wagging immediately Not everyone wants to cooperate.Dan has business of his own to attend to He is representing a small business owner in a lawsuit against the city Businesses have been springing up like crazy, and Dan s client has been the lone holdout in selling to the city It would seem that he doesn t have a chance, but Dan decides that perhaps you can fight city hall.I love the complex cases that both husband and wife face in this story Since they both grew up in Cedar Grove, they cross paths with former classmates, friends, and rivals Tracy, especially, faces a whole spectrum of emotions, especially since it s her first time back in her hometown following the trial of her sister s killer Her parents are gone, her father, dead by suicide over her sister s murder Now she is a mother, and she wonders what kind of life she owes her daughter and her husband Love, gratitude, dutyShe is a mother and a wife, but she is also a cop How does she find the perfect balance The personal touches felt very real to me I really liked the big role that Dan plays in this book I also really enjoyed Faz Vic Fazzio and his wife Vera That is loyalty And Vic was a hoot The legal issues were a bit confusing for a reader like me, who is a bit challenged when it comes to understanding torts, contracts, and the like So things got a bit bogged down in a few places, but I liked how Dan sort of pulled a rabbit out of his hat in court Yay, Judge Harvey Who d ve thought There are some big dramatics at the end, so hold on to your winter hats and gloves It snows A LOT in this novel As usual, Mr Dugoni has provided a very thrilling, entertaining story.Thanks to NetGalley, Thomas Mercer, and the author for this ARC My views are my own.

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    A new book by Robert Dugoni always makes me happy Another Tracy Crosswhite story makes me even happier Spoilers ahead..Now that Tracy is on maternity leave and is wondering if she can balance being a cop and mother, she has a lot of time on her hands to grasp what she wants to do So while her and Dan s house is being renovated, they go back to their hometown of Cedar Grove Dan is working on a trial involving some businesses there and Tracy somehow gets involved in a policeman s wife s murder and the cold case that she was working on Her involvement doesn t bring happiness to the town though, because of the last time she was in town she stirred up trouble looking for her own sister s murderer This was another good story by Dugoni Its always nice to get back into the lives of characters that you ve been reading about for awhile now See how their lives change and the many different cases that they end up involved in I m never bored with Tracy and the side characters I always recommend Dugoni s books, not once have I been disappointed in them Now we see what happens next. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    I seem to say this with every Dugoni book I read but, well here I go again There is something about Robert Dugonis writing that just sits perfectly with me Be it the Tracy Crosswhite series or some of his stand alones, I just feel in safe hands and am 100% in from the start In this latest in the series we find Tracy and husband Dan back in their childhood hometown of Cedar Grove along with their two month old daughter Daniella Their home in Seattle is being renovated and so they move back temporarily to Cedar Grove while the work is carried out Here they both get embroiled in a legacy murder case that may be connected to recent deaths in Cedar Grove While Tracy helps out with investigations with the local sherif, an old acquaintance and friend of her late father, Dan is involved in a local case where a local business owner refuses to sell to the City and wants to sue them Little do they know that both their cases are interlinked and could blow the lid on both current and historical events in the town So yeah, I just loved this Dugoni has a great knack of holding your hand throughout his stories, making the complicated easy to follow without dumbing it down at all I ve read less complicated stories recently that I found a lot harder to follow Not once here was I confused or reading back a few pages to see which character was which All of them, both major and minor were clearly defined and so easy to keep track of The story itself is quite clever and really well told It dips back into events in previous books and shines some light on them and the fringes of them, while dishing up a fascinating story line in the present The fact that we have both Tracy and Dans stories alternating and both leading to the same goal is really clever too I always look forward to a new Dugoni book He seems to be my go to guy and again I m in no way disappointed Oh and special mention to the Irish nanny The Irish slang and use of words was 100% on the money An easy five stars for me Thanks to Netgalley, Thomas and Mercer and Robert Dugoni for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Robert Dugoni never disappoints whether I m reading one of his standalone titles or part of a series In this case I ve just read and thoroughly enjoyed the latest in his Tracy Crosswhite series A Cold Trail was another fabulous addition to the collection I ve previously commented about the series getting better with each new title and I steadfastly endorse that observation Not only do I enjoy the mix of police procedural and mystery suspense but I delight in catching up with some much loved characters especiallyTracy and Dan What s , in this title Dan was involved in the storyline and I enjoyed the courtroom drama this added.Tracy and Dan are now proud parents of two month old Daniella Whilst renovations are being completed on their home they temporarily move back to Cedar Grove, the place where Dan and Tracy both grew up While wrestling with the idea of returning to work Tracy finds herself thrust into a murder investigation which seems to tie in with a Cold Case murder from around the time of her own sisters death than 25 years ago The story was engaging, I d call it a page turner, it had enough to keep readers guessing, and this is a good thing in my opinion though it was a murder mystery there was not a lot of violence As we approached the end of the book I had cause to think this may have been the concluding instalment but the Epilogue left the door open to the possibility of of Tracy, Dan and Daniella I really hope I m right.My sincere thanks to Robert Dugoni, Thomas Mercer, and NetGalley for the opportunity of reading this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review which it was my pleasure to provide.

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A Cold Trail In New York Times Bestselling Author Robert Dugoni S Riveting Series, Seattle Homicide Detective Tracy Crosswhite Returns Home To A Brutal Murder And Her Haunted Past The Last Time Homicide Detective Tracy Crosswhite Was In Cedar Grove, It Was To See Her Sister S Killer Put Behind Bars Now She S Returned For A Respite And The Chance To Put Her Life Back In Order For Herself, Her Attorney Husband, Dan, And Their New Daughter But Tragic Memories Soon Prove Impossible To EscapeDan Is Drawn Into Representing A Local Merchant Whose Business Is Jeopardized By The Town S Revitalization And Tracy Is Urged By The Local PD To Put Her Own Skills To Work On A New Case The Brutal Murder Of A Police Officer S Wife And Local Reporter Who Was Investigating A Cold Case Slaying Of A Young Woman As Tracy S And Dan S Cases Crisscross, Tracy S Trail Becomes Dangerous It S Stirring Up Her Own Haunted Past And A Decades Old Conspiracy In Cedar Grove That Has Erupted In Murder Getting To The Truth Is All That Matters But What S Tracy Willing To Risk As A Killer Gets Closer To Her And Threatens Everyone She Loves